Workouts in the Covid-19 Era

And so it begins. Stay-at-home orders. Gym (and pool) closures. Social distancing. Events being cancelled.

My gym (and pool) closed just 11 days ago and I’ve made an amusing realization. Turns out I really enjoyed swim workouts! Who knew…. Even for as slow as I swim and the associated frustration (I’d like to think I was improving) I miss it. Ah well, not much to be done about that for now.

The rest of the workouts continue though. And that is a good thing. My April races were all cancelled, but I’m still holding out hope for something in June or July so I keep plugging away. And, frankly, the training gives a break from sitting at my desk at home. Oh, and endorphins are good too. Sense of purpose is good too.

As predicted in my last post, we switched from 2 or 3 swims a week to more & longer strength training routines. Everything is designed to be done easily at home with resistance bands, dumbbells, body weight, etc. The back half of my home office rotates between being an indoor bike training studio and gym rat room sometimes multiple times a day.

Thankfully the weather has been warmer these past couple weeks so the runs can be outside. Never been much of a runner but right now I love the chance to get outside, get some vitamin D, and not think about covid-19 for an hour or so.

Stay safe out there folks! Let’s ensure these difficult times actually matter. #flattenTheCurve

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