No Rest Days

When in the throes of triathlon training, I definitely understand why rest days are important and necessary. However, when in the throes of stay-at-home for an unknown length of time, rest days are no good.

The daily workouts are something to look forward to. A sense of purpose. Those workouts are also good for mental health and, right now, that is pretty important to me (and everyone else!).

As a result, right now I’m avoiding rest days. Not that I am being dumb about it… I am just changing what used to be a rest day to an easy day. For instance, if a day had bike, run, and strength on it I might slide that strength workout to the off day. Nothing crazy, but gives me something to do every. day. of. the. week.

And that is important to me right now.

Stay safe out there folks. Let’s ensure these difficult times actually matter. #flattenTheCurve

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