Well, NOW I am Impacted

My triathlon team membership is through our local resort — errr… I mean, Life Time Fitness club (and yes, Mrs. AdultOnset and I really do call it the resort!). And, sadly, Life Time shut down indefinitely last night at 8 PM.

Damn it. I am impacted now!

I already work from home. And I am really good at social distancing after a life time of practice. Admittedly, I feel like an overprivileged chump to be whining that I don’t have anywhere to do my swim workouts. But I am indeed whining.

We, the team, will no doubt work with our coach to incorporate new strength training to work-around the lack of swimming. I have no doubt about this because coach does love her some good strength training.

However… with her employer closed, I can’t help but worry about how long coach will be our coach. Nobody expects her to do this stuff for free. Life Time is crediting back fees while they’re closed. I suspect that includes tri team fees (but don’t know that for fact and this is all too fresh for me to want to be bugging anyone about it. Easier to just fret.)

And then you have to wonder and worry about all the other team and individual coaches out there. How many of their gyms or jobs are going away this week?

I usually use our apartment’s gym for strength training. Convenient and well equipped. However, the apartment management company is sending out daily emails of escalating hysterics and I suspect we’ll be losing access to the club house, hot tub, and gym any day now (edit: They closed all that the day after I wrote this). I ordered some resistance gear from Amazon last night. Hopefully those deliveries continue.

My “A” race is in June. I wonder if it will happen.

In the mean time, we carry on. With life, work, and fitness. If I stopped working out in a time of stress I would likely lose the rest of my marbles.

2 replies on “Well, NOW I am Impacted”

We could give that a shot. I really do fear they’re going to panic close the pool/gym area any day now though… But hey, if they don’t, let’s use it.


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