Colorado Trail Segment 1

At the end of last year, I hinted that I was considering tackling the Colorado Trail. For the past few months, I have been accumulating gear and equipment and progressively working up to longer/hillier hikes while wearing the loaded backpack (I think the cool kids call this “rucking?”). This past Monday was my first official […]


The Dirty Edge 2023

Finally! First gravel race of the season was this past weekend: The Dirty Edge Gravel just outside of Fruita, CO. Where’s Fruita? Just west of Grand Junction. Western slope territory. High desert. And a super fun place to visit. Tl;dr: My conditioning wasn’t great. I wanted to finish in the top 50% and under 2.5 […]


My Take on the Kindle Scribe

Another tech post so soon? Sure, why not? Off season. And this one has no real tie-in to training. Intro Tl;dr: Lots of words to describe my journey with writing on tablets and keeping myself organized. Permit me to ramble a little and sort of set the stage. Over the years I have used and […]