I joined the team for a group swim workout yesterday (Sunday) morning. It was the first real swim workout since “the incidents” that had caused shoulder issues starting back in August (I might write about that someday. I don’t want to bring Brent’s PTSD back though).

You know that current set of commercials? Yeah, my swimming was “Okay.”

Just Okay.

Pace was alright, but I had to cut it short at just shy of 950 meters — my shoulder was pretty annoyed with me. Almost 1k. Whee.

Next up was supposed to be some running. Well, I still had a stiff and swollen knee from my recent Vegas adventure. You know what makes you sad? Low impact walking in a pool lane back and forth for 15 minutes. That’s what makes you sad.

Not going to lie: I left the gym feeling pretty discouraged. Hard to be a multi-sport athlete when you can’t actually do the sports!

Fortunately, today is a new day. Knee is better, swelling is down a bunch, and I managed to get on the dreadmill and do a light zone 1 trot without pain. That cheered me up. Tomorrow will be another swim workout. I figure I can do my PT or I can swim. Either way I finish with a sore shoulder so… 😉

Now if I can just go a few months (or years) without injury. That would be pretty great.

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