He’s OK. Just OK

Last week I was optimistic in that I was progressing. That might have been a bit too optimistic. I ended up with maybe 7.5 hours of very lackluster workouts this past week. A good chunk of that being the shoulder/arm PT.

The bad news: The bike training ride I did on Friday sent me backwards with the knee. I swear, it felt great for the first hour and 15 but then the knee said, “nope, we need to be done now.” So, in my infinite wisdom, I figured I should do the brick run anyways. Hello swollen knee.

(note to self: Future post about the indoor cycle training gear and setup)

The good news: The swimming is getting better. This morning I got up to 1500 yards before I decided to pull the plug. The shoulder pain is greatly reduced. Whatever’s wrong with my right tricep, however, is not amused. But still, I’m happy. That’s twice as far as I could go two weeks ago.

With help from Coach Jenn I’m also making peace with the pool runs. Mixing in some backward walking laps, dynamic stretching, and anything that’s not just trudging up and down a lane makes a huge difference. I was able to do 40 laps in the pool this morning after I bailed on the swim (over a half hour) so that’s progress too.

As you can see, I’m still working hard to find the positives. I don’t deal well with “wait for it to heal!”

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