The Vegas Blues

To keep the new training program interesting, I have a week long vendor conference in Las Vegas this week (AWS re:Invent for those curious). Coach Jenn and I chatted a bit about it and worked out a plan with a lot of running this week. My days at this conference tend to be very long with not a lot of free time.

Monday I was able to get in my run and stretching (physical therapy for that gimpy wing) before heading to the airport so that one was easy.

Tuesday I got up early (timezones are very hard!) and got in a run on the strip before sun up. Which, I have to say, kinda sucked. I ran the wrong direction and ended up with a lot of construction and stairs and stuff. But I got it done and got the stretching done easily before breakfast.

Side note: My hotel room at Treasure Island doesn’t have a coffee maker. Who lives like that?!? Savages.

This morning I got a good night’s sleep and had a gap in my schedule before lunch so I planned to get my run in then. It was an odd rainy morning but I figured that wouldn’t last long.

I had a 9 AM session in the Venetian Theater. Now, I don’t know if you have ever been there, but the steps are weird. Very long but with very short rise between them.

About 10 minutes before the session ended the speaker was covering stuff I had heard plenty of times before so I figured I’d quietly duck out and go up one of the side stairways up to the lobby. Half way up I caught a step and totally fell up the stairs. Head first. Full on yard sale mode. Really bashed my knee. I swear I heard several hundred people gasp as I went down.

So much for quietly leaving.

Of course I jumped back up, brushed off efforts to help me and boogied out of there. Once I was in the lobby I realized I was hurt.

Uh Coach? Might not be running tomorrow…

By the time I got back to my room this evening the knee was swollen like a large grapefruit. So tonight — the biggest “party night” of the conference — I’m chilling in my room watching bad TV and icing my knee.

But hey, I still got over 15000 steps in today. Lowest of the week, but still not too shabby for a bum knee.

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