Coming Soon: Ironman Coeur d’Alene 70.3

As I write this, I am officially just two weeks away from my “A race” of the 2022 season! Ironman Coeur d’Alene 70.3 will be June 26th. This is the race I first signed up for back in late 2019 for 2020. Well, we know how 2020 races went… super excited to finally get this one done.

Trip plans are all made. Hotels booked and Mrs. AdultOnset and I are totally looking forward to a week’s vacation after the race to see Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole, etc. Going to be a great trip in a part of the country neither of us have explored.

<record scratch>

I had an MRI done on my right knee this past Friday.

Running has been pretty hit or miss these past 6 months due to knee pain and stiffness. Regardless of if the MRI shows anything, I don’t think it will magically get better before June 26 — and let’s not even talk about my run condition in general. Oof.

So, the past few weeks have included many internal dialogs with myself to manage my own expectations. Any goal times for the event have had to be dropped because, well I have to face it: I’m going to swim, bike, and then trot/walk/crawl.

I’m not good at lowering expectations. It is too easy to fall into a pity party. This has been interesting territory for me to navigate. Probably valuable and learning experience, too. But at my age, I don’t always welcome learning experiences that involve a lot of self-reflection. I have comfortable mental ruts. 😉

There will still be a race report after the event (unsure of the timing since I will be on vacation!). I still plan to give the swim and bike my best efforts. Even if the water may not even be 60 degrees (OMG, why?!?)

It will be fun. I’ll be racing with my wife (she’s swimming on a relay team), nephews, along with bunch of teammates and friends. It will be a good experience. It just won’t be what I envisioned 9 months ago.

And I’m [mostly] OK with that.

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