Still Going…

Still in stay-at-home mode with gyms (and pools) closed so this isn’t a real exciting update. But still training nonetheless! Still staying on the plan and still notching the workouts. Still wondering which races will be options for the season.

Managed to re-injure the knee. Again! No idea how. Coach has suggested I be wrapped in bubble-wrap. I’m not entirely sure that she was joking…

The good news is that although it gets sore and stiff it hasn’t been swelling up or anything so hopefully that’s a good sign. Back to doing more foam rolling and this week I have started to add yoga (followed with more stretching) which seems to help. The yoga has helped me realize how much flexibility I have lost in the past year.

As far as the pandemic goes, adjustments have had to be made. And I fear there are more to come. For instance, with no treadmill available all running has to be outside. Fortunately, these past few weeks have generally been good weather. When we do get snow it doesn’t stay long.

Running outside on the trails or nearby sidewalks, however, is becoming a real challenge. There are more and more people getting outside and not wearing masks. And running with a mask sucks. So the next adjustment will be finding less crowded areas to run.

I’m happy more people are getting outside and exercising. I really am. But they can’t all do it in the same place!

Positive note on running: all the low/slow zone 2 stuff of the past 5 months continues to pay off. Slowly getting faster but, more importantly, doing it at the lower heart rate which certainly feels good. I apparently hit my record 10k pace this week while doing half mile hill repeats. That’s nuts. 🙂

Stay safe out there folks. Let’s ensure these difficult times actually matter. #flattenTheCurve

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