Upper Conditioning (home gym)

Sitting Lat Pulls-shoulder width/palms away
-attach the cord to something high (like the top of the door)

Standing bent over tricep pushbacks (as if swimming butterfly with resistance cords)

Overhead DB press standing on one foot (opposite of arm performing press)
Note: You will need to alternate your legs with arms, unlike this example

Upright dumbell Delt Flys (raises)

Kneeling DB lawnmowers-single arm — See below for resistance band option


Lawnmower with resistance band

Triceps Pushups

Butterfly – double arm as if swimming

Palm to Palm Rowing

Dumbbell Overhead triceps extensions
First video with dumbbells as specified. Second video with resistance bands

Bent over DB Back Flys (rear delt flys)
First video is with dumbbells as specified. Second video is with a band.

Bent over Dumbbell Rows

Dumbbell Bicep Curls
First video with dumbbells, second video with resistance bands

Single Arm Swimming

Face Pulls with band

Dumbbell Chest Press
Top with dumbbells. Second video with resistance bands

Upright Dumbbell Rows
Top with dumbbells. Lower with resistance bands.

Lateral Delt Raise
First video with dumbbells. Second video with resistance bands.

Renegade Row
Second video has some options for bands

Stability Ball Push Ups

Dumbbell Skull Crushers
Top video with dumbbells, lower video with resistance bands (a little awkward, but it that’s all you got…)

Kneeling Stability Ball Single Arm Row