Core Conditioning (home gym)

Superman with flutter kicks

Side Planks – static hold

Rollup Crunches on stability ball

Spider Crawls
First version if you have room to roam. Second video if space is a little tighter

V Ups
Scissor V ups (lower video) for more challenge

Prone Plank with Hip Dips

Mountain Climbers – Feet on Towels

Side Plank While Lifting Top Leg

Roll Ups on the ground

PSOAS March With Band

Copenhangen Side Plank
Use a chair with bottom leg threaded through the legs

Roman/Russian Twist with Dumbbell

See Saw Planks

Twisted Warrior from Runners Lunge
Slow and controlled reps

Pike Tuck on Stability Ball

Chops from High to Low
Could start at around 1:40 to see him actually do the thing…

Pilates Teaser on the Mat

Inchworms on the Mat

Side Crunches