New Trainer

Still sorting out what races I am tackling this year, but in the meantime the training just keeps rolling on. And as part of that training, I upgraded to a new smart trainer this month. I am now enjoying workouts on a “wheel-off” style smart trainer: the Tacx FLUX 2 model.

The Tacx Flow wheel-on trainer I’ve used the past two years was generally working fine for me. However, I have been pushing it pretty hard and it gets hot. Some of the intervals we do are just a bit too much for it and I have to do a lot of big ring shifting to help the trainer keep up.

The Flux 2 has none of those issues. It just works and has no problems spinning up to 200% of FTP whenever coach is enjoying her streak of sadism (ahem). The “feel” of it is nice too. Not dramatically difference from the Flow, but it does seem smoother and is maybe even a bit quieter (not that the Flow was loud!).

New tools, but the eternal quest for a higher FTP continues!

What did I do with the previous trainer? It is now Mrs. AdultOnset’s. Now she can experience the pure joy of structured training with power 😉

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