Adventures in MacOS Land – part 2

As warned, some posts on this blog may not be about triathlon or bike racing. This is another one of them ๐Ÿ™‚

[oh, and see Adventures in MacOS Land for part 1]

Apologies, I sort of forgot I left the last post right in the middle… guess I should finish the story, huh?

Hey, what did I love as part of this journey? Lots of little things. For instance, right-clicking on a web link in most apps — but in particular Mail — gives you an “Open With” menu with options for all the installed web browsers. Magical. Such a simple idea, I sure wish Windows would do that.

For the past 5 or 6 years I have been in the IOS/iPadOS ecosystem which means I’m using Apple’s Messages app. Having Messages on the Macbook is pretty awesome. Mostly because I am so much happier using a real keyboard vs. a screen keyboard on the iPhone. Love that. One could even say, “Magical.”

The Macbook touchpad. Holy cow. ’nuff said.

The Mac apps scene is pretty interesting. Lots of great Mac only options. For instance, I am a self-styled GTD (Getting Things Done) aficionado and have heard a lot about the Things 3 app over the years, but could never use it being a Windows guy.

Well, now I have finally experienced Things 3 — and I love it. But damn, Mac users must be rich… the app prices are a little crazy compared to what I’m used to. To get all into Things 3 for Macbook, iPhone, and iPad is a cool 80 bucks. If it all works, great! If I, oh I dunno, switch back to Windows, not great! I race bikes and triathlon, I don’t have a ton of money laying around :-p

Omnifocus is another popular option. 100 bucks a year. Oof.


It was a great experiment and I really enjoyed most of my time with the Macbook. But, at the end of the day, the fan noise (mentioned in the previous article) drove me absolutely bonkers and I just couldn’t take it anymore and switched back to my old Surface Pro tablet.

Amusingly, the new Macbook Pros (with the m1 processor) were announced shortly after I switched back and I am hearing really good things about them — especcially their lack of fan noise. At the moment, my thought is that once my Surface Pro ages out (it is 2 years old, might be another year or two) then I am going to give it another go.

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