Simple Locker Security

This one won’t talk about any new injuries (yay!) nor is it about training. More of a security related topic this time around.

The gym I am currently back to using provides combination locks on the lockers — which is handy. However, it recently [belatedly] hit me what a potential security issue these things can be.

Real quick: The way these locks work is pretty straight-forward.

  • Put your stuff in locker
  • Close locker door
  • Set your code
  • Twist lock lever clockwise to lock
  • Scramble the numbers

When you get back you just set the numbers back to your code and twist the lock lever back counter-clockwise and open the locker.

I walked up to a locker yesterday as another member, whom I have seen many times before, was walking away. Want to guess his code?

Now, just theoretically, if I ever see him there again and can identify what locker he’s in, I will be able to open it since I very likely know the code he likes to use.

I see some guys at this gym frequently. I see some of these guys with briefcases and/or laptop cases. Do the math.

Take away? When done with a locker of this type, be sure to scramble those numbers before walking away!

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