2020 By the Numbers

Last year on this date I posted the following message on Facebook:

2019 FB post with annual totals.
2019 End of the Year Facebook post

Not bad numbers when you figure the crash kept me out of circulation for a chunk of the Fall season. Most of the year was pretty unstructured and I was winging it. Often I just looked at what Mrs. AdultOnset was doing for her training and did something similar. In December of 2019 I joined a team and started working with a coach [and for that month still generally had no idea what I was doing.]

So… how did 2020 look?

  • 322 days active on Strava. So, 43 days where I didn’t log some sort of activity. If you knew my coach and our training plans, that number might actually seem a bit low 😉
  • 4,267 miles overall. That’s all activities. That’s super cool!
  • 3,687 miles pedaled. I have to look back at some earlier years, but that might be an all time record.
  • 364 miles ran. (plus 3 or 4 more coming this afternoon). That needs to be more next year, but in 2020 I was dealing with plantar fasciitis and the Achilles thing so I’m happy.

    Also, I’m pretty sure that doesn’t count all the hikes and walks. I bet there’s a lot more miles.
  • 82 miles swam. Wow! That’s over 49 hours in the pool. There were a bunch of months in there with no swimming as the pools (and gyms) were all closed.

Some more factoids:

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