Some Gravel News

A few months ago I saw a call on social media to apply to join the Wattie Ink Gravel Collective Project. Many (most?) of the folks on my tri team are on the Wattie Ink Hit Squad but that wasn’t really a goal of mine. But a gravel team? Heck yeah!

So I dutifully filled out the application and waited. And, a month of so ago, I got an email to find out I was one of 100 on the team!

So, what does that mean? Well, pragmatically speaking, you pay some money to join the team, then you get that money back, plus some more credit, to spend in the team store. Many other social or soft benefits as well though. Facebook group for the overall GCP team along with regional groups. I really look forward to meeting some folks at the events. I guess we’ll be easy to spot in a our matching kits.

In another month or so I will have my fancy-schmancy team bib shorts, jersey, and vest. Man, I sure hope it all fits…

I am dragging my feet at signing up for events right now, but I do have a registration for the Open Range gravel race in Kansas in April. Kansas in April? Total roll of the dice as to what to expect for weather and course conditions, but it should be fun 🙂

Which reminds me: I really need to figure out how wide of a tire I can put on my gravel bike…

I’m doing shorter course for this one because, as my first larger event I want to spend more time getting a handle on how things work and really dive into the entire experience. I do plan to do longer events in the future though.

I have my eye on a few more, but you know… it is sure a gamble signing up for stuff right now…

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