Updated Pain Cave

Last December I wrote a bit about my home training setup — both the equipment and the area. At the time we were temporarily living in an apartment. A couple months ago our house was finished and we moved in. I now have a big chunk of unfinished basement to work with:

Seriously, it is pretty great!

Mostly using all the same stuff I was back then, just more room to spread out. I have added TRX straps and a bunch more resistance bands. Dumbbells are pretty much impo$$ible to come by right now, but so far the TRX straps and bands are working very well for me. Lot easier to move in the future, too..

I don’t have a TV down there (yet?) but the 1080p laptop and second monitor attached to it work very well to play streaming media and Zwift both in full screens. That takes care of entertainment while on the bike.

For everything else, I have my little Bose Soundtouch speaker down there to rock out when doing strength training. It fills the space nicely and I have the buttons on it linked to a couple good Spotify and Pandora play lists.

Treadmill is up in the air right now… I can find some good deals used, but man, getting them into basements (and back out) is so much not fun.

In a pinch I could probably just run laps around the basement. I should figure out how many laps per mile is down there… 😉

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