Wow, a month since my last post? Can you tell it was a month without much training? 😉 September was pretty casual on the training scene. Coach dialed it all back a bunch and I enjoyed a much needed block of downtime. Still stayed active — but not nearly as much as I was when we thought races might happen.

Update on the Keto thing: I stayed keto through most of the month. Achieved some goals, leaned out a wee bit — and hit the same ceiling (floor?) on weight that I do every time. I hit a number and I just can’t get below it. No biggie. Now that we’re ramping up the workouts again (May race!) I’ve re-introduced some carbs into my life. Not many though. Still staying very low carb but not fighting to stay in ketosis. Still hope to drop some more pounds over the winter. Lord knows it would only help my running…

How’s that diet change working out for me?

Well, I did a bike ride from Nederland to Estes Park, CO with some friends last weekend. 41 miles and about 4000 feet of elevation. And, unlike my last big ride (a disaster), this one went great. Felt strong all day, legs never gave a complaint, and I was ready for more when we finished.

And OMG, the scenery! Totally worth freezing my ass off (it was around 37 degrees when we started the ride at 9:30!). That picture on the top of this post is one I took about 30 minutes into the ride.

Here’s another:

Longs Peak from the Peak to Peak highway near Estes Park

Love being able to do stuff like that!

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