Is it Really Too Small?

This post can serve as a public correction to something I shared on Facebook yesterday.

Quintana Roo started selling their new SRfive road bike this week. I am always interested to check out a new bike on the market so I was looking this one over. But the marketing picture bothered me, and I said so:

Turns out there’s a difference between how you look and how you think you look…

Got on my road bike today and put my hands down in the drops (the lower part of the handlebar, just like the guy in the picture) and very quickly realized that while my knees aren’t going to hit my elbows they are very close. I have been riding that bike for about 8 years now and never noticed how close they get.

I still maintain his bike probably isn’t the right size, but it may not be as far off as I initially thought.

mea culpa.

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