What did I forget?

Continued from Tri Gear – The Rest of It.

3 posts last week on tri gear and stuff. Seemed like a lot, but I have had some feedback that I definitely had some misses. So, here they are.

Friend “Stene” had some thoughts to share for swim related stuff:

  • Wet suit lube. Helpful for getting wetsuits on and avoiding rub related issues
  • Flip flops for pool side and locker rooms. And/or athlete’s foot cream…
  • Contact lens wearers are going to go through more disposables due to swimming
  • Pool access fees for those who travel and workout.

His wife brought up that the list is actually endless. LOL!

Kelli F. mentioned sunglasses. Can’t recall if I mentioned those or not, but my prescription Oakleys were definitely an expense (and I still struggle to read my watch when riding). She also mentioned buying socks to match shoes but that’s just crazy talk. Then she mentioned massages which was a huge miss on my part.

Did I forget to include headphones? I picked up some bone conduction headphones this year for runs and strength training and they are incredible. I know I forgot to include streaming video service(s) to have something to watch when doing the long indoor bike rides.

Leslie B. added swim analysis, bike fit, nutritionist, physical therapist. I am sure glad insurance helps with the PT! She also brought up recovery stuff like the hypervolt (omg I love this thing), foam rollers (ugh), squeezy boots (I have no experience here). Oh, and strength training equipment. Would you believe I bought a jump rope this weekend?

Coach Jenn brought up travel related expenses and bike luggage and baggage fees. I definitely missed those. In my limited experience I have been driving everywhere 😉

Mrs. AdultOnset is too busy laughing at me trying to make this list to offer more.

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