Tri Gear Continued – Running & Biking

Continued from Tri Gear. Egads. Stuff for Bike and Run.


  • *Running shoes – plan on going through a few pair a year as volume increases. And don’t be cheap.
  • *Running hat – sweat management
  • Running shorts – I guess not critical, but sure a lot more comfortable than running in gym shorts.
  • (eventually) Hydration – some sort of bottles and/or belt system to carry water as training run distance increases


  • Road bike – training and races with serious climbing. Last year I used my beloved old Pinarello with reasonable success for training and racing.
  • *Tri bike – At my level this is pretty optional, but I stumbled into a sale and got all excited
  • *[Tri] bike fit – You aren’t going to be happy — or fast — on your bike without a good fit
  • *Tri bike hydration – for now I just added a couple inexpensive carbon water bottle holders. Eventually I may incorporate something more aero/tri-focused
  • *Power meter – I bought a set of Garmin power pedals (the cheaper version with a meter just on one side) for use when training outside
  • *Smart Trainer – I went with a Garmin Tacx Flow smart trainer. Smart trainers are great for training with power inside.
  • *Axle Adapter – Have to spend extra money to get a bike with disc brakes mounted to a trainer.
  • *Trainer tire – Don’t want to burn down my outdoor tires on the trainer so swapped the rear tire to a purpose built trainer tire (very hard yet “grippy” to work better with the trainer’s rotating surface)
  • *Software subscription – Got the smart trainer, now you need something to push it. I purchased a Zwift subscription since it integrates so easily with for my coach’s bike workouts.
  • Helmet – mandatory and necessary. The cool kids are rocking various level of aero styles. I’m not quite there yet but maybe next year?
  • Bike shoes, clips, bike shorts, chamois cream, etc.

To Be Continued

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