Upcoming Events

Winter training is kinda “blah” but at least we can plan out the rest of the year. I haven’t actually done that yet, but I do have some Spring / early Summer plans that I can use to help me keep my eye on the prize.

In spite of the 6 or so hours a week on the bike trainer, I have to confess I don’t have any major bike races coming up. I know, I was surprised too! (OK, that’s me just wondering if my coach ever reads this stuff…)

Seriously then: First event of the year will likely be the Three Creeks Half Marathon on April 4th. Wait – a half marathon?!? Yeah, I’m pretty surprised too. But I’ve never ran more than 6 or 7 miles before so I guess I should see what this is like. Hopefully it won’t be snowing.

Next up is the Barkin’ Dog Duathlon two weeks later. In a fit of madness, I registered for the long course. More practice for running and I am hoping to get a good shakedown race of the new bike. My main concern on this one is how rough the roads are around Cherry Creek state park — some of those cracks can be very jarring.

Looking at Bolder Boulder on May 25th for another run. “Just” a 10k for that one but my wife and older son tell me it is a lot of fun so hopefully one or both will join me. I haven’t registered for this one yet but I suppose I should soon.

Those all lead up to the Ironman 70.3 in Couer d’Alene on June 27th. That’s my big race so far. Definitely what all this training and coaching is about.

After that? Who knows… we’ll see how things go up to June and plan accordingly. I would like to consider doing Evergreen tri again. And the Reuter-Hess reservoir swim again (long course this year). Something in Steamboat? Maybe a gravel bike race? And then, finally, figure out what I will end the season with? Tempe maybe? Stay tuned…

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