The Maul

Managed to get an outdoor ride on the new bike today. Mid 50’s and sunny so couldn’t really pass it up. My feet were freezing, my butt was wet and my pretty new bike is absolutely filthy… but it was worth it.

Side note: There was just enough random ice and snow patches on the roads and trails that I was very nervous about crashing her on the inaugural ride. Also, this ride was my first time passed the spot where “the crash” of last August happened. I confess I got a little weird as I went by it

The bike was everything I had hoped for: Fast, controlled, and fun to ride. I’m looking forward to spending more miles on it. Seriously — I was very pleasantly blown away.

And she has a name now. The Maul. Heavily inspired by Leslie’s suggestion of “Maul.” Which is reasonably obvious, right?

However, I’m going with “The Maul” as the name. Because sometimes you gotta drop the hammer. And what’s a big hammer? You got it…

Hopefully the engine (that would be me) will live up to the bike. Right now the bike is way faster than I am! I look forward to more miles on it.

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