It Arrived!

Just over a month from my “Coming Soon…” post, the new bike showed up on my doorstep today. Literally. I came back from a bike ride and there it was, sitting there.

I might have squealed a little.

When I ordered it, I took the cheap (heh) option that would involve more assembly (which saved me $100). I had been told to plan on taking 5 hours to get it together.

Took me about an hour to unbox, unwrap, and then get it all together. Took me another half hour to figure out why the rear derailleur wasn’t quite right. But really, a piece of cake for anyone reasonably handy with tools.

Which is good, as there is no printed documentation included. The youtube link included in the box is definitely not for this bike or this box either. I did find a better video link in their web site’s support center (not a disc brake model, but closer to what I was looking at).

I did have to supply my own 4 and 5mm allen wrenches which surprised me a little. Not a big deal since I own plenty but I had just expected they’d be in the box.

I have a few random pieces left over that just don’t seem to go on this bike. I guess I’ll call the Quintana Roo folks tomorrow and see what’s up.

Oh, here’s a really nice touch that I hadn’t even realized was part of the bike. The “QR Box” (storage area behind the seat post) has a tail light molded in. Aero yet functional. How cool is that?

Next up will be getting it fitted and then a maiden voyage! And some sort of naming ceremony. Very open to ideas there.

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