Oops! Scheduling Conflict

Well damn. I was hoping my first IM70.3 was going to be in Madison. Sort of a tribute to the wife’s first and an excuse to visit some family and friends nearby.

However… in all of my excitement to sign up, I forgot we already had travel plans that week/weekend planned long ago.

Cancelling that one now. The generous Ironman folks will refund me 25% of my entry fee. We live and we learn — but that was an expensive oops!

Now to figure out what event I am training for. Sounds like a lot of my teammates are looking at Coeur d’Alene, ID at the end of June. That might be an interesting one. The bike ride looks pretty gnarly. But I really have a hard time spelling that city name so that makes it a tough choice 😉

I should figure this out soon, I suppose.

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