The Quest for Coach

Once I was signed up for Madison, I knew my next step was to get a coach. I had watched my wife work with coaching a few times and, since we have friends in the scene also working with coaches, I had a pretty good idea of the value and the need [for me at any rate].

To me, the biggest value of a coach is providing structure. Otherwise I’ll just go ride my bike everyday… ;-). I need someone to tell me what to do and how to do it.

I already leaked who I chose, so how did I make that choice?

Pretty straightforward, actually. I talked to friends about their coaches. Some casually from time to time, others I “interviewed” on the topic. What did they like and not like? What worked for them? Simple stuff, for sure. But from that I quickly narrowed it down to two potential coaches.

I contacted each candidate coach and setup a time to meet them somewhere away from the gym. With each I then introduced myself, gave a bit of background, current injuries, diet (keto/low carb), etc. Then we talked through those bits and their thoughts. Next they gave me their overview on how they coach. Philosophies, techniques, tools, etc.

Why did I choose Coach Jenn? First, she’s a total data geek. Training with power, workouts with lots of numbers. I love it. She uses the hell out of!

Oh darn, you mean I’m going to have to break down and buy a power meter for my bike?

Second, the opportunity to work out with the rest of the team as often as 3 times a week. That’s valuable to me from a motivation perspective. Keeps me honest and if a little camaraderie develops, that’s a nice plus too. Some great Facebook groups too — one social and open and one focused on training and private.

For a third factor, I have to say that she’s a helluva athlete in her own right. That’s motivational as well. She’s walking her talk, so to say.

Finally, it doesn’t hurt that she’s based out of Life Time, the gym I already use. Great facility — I never mind going there. Perhaps too nice for the likes of me, but I do like it.

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